Value Stream Mapping

A two - to five - day exercise to map the high-level activities, handoffs, lead times, processing times, and technology systems in a process. We identify wastes and bottlenecks and facilitate recommendations and an action plan.

Rapid Improvement Workshops

A two - to five - day event that maps a detailed process within the organization, identifies wastes, quick wins, and opportunities, and implements changes immediately.

Strategic Planning (Hoshin Kanri)

The challenge with most strategic plans is they become stale and are poorly communicated. Our strategic planning workshop aligns everyone to a few key objectives (the true north) and incorporates visual management, problem solving, reflection, and learning.

Project Generation

You have limited time, budget and resources so you need to select your projects wisely. Through our project generation workshops, we will guide you to identify potential projects that align to your organizational strategy and prioritize them to help you reach your goals.

Action Planning Workshops

Executing a continuous improvement project isn’t a matter of assigning a project lead, green belt, or black belt. With our facilitation support and proven system for execution, we guide your team to identify critical-to-success activities, milestones, and timelines. We also focus on stakeholder and change management strategies to ensure efforts are not wasted.

Customer Journey Mapping

We bring in customers to the workshop and document their interactions with the organization, desired outcomes, questions, attitudes, thoughts, emotional responses, emotional needs, and pain points. All the information is visualized on a map to represent the customer's journey.

Daily Management and Huddle Boards

Daily management is the process of reviewing work completed, work planned, resourcing, roadblocks, and opportunities daily. Huddle boards are the tool that facilitate daily management scrums.

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