Lean Six Sigma and Performance Training

We create and conduct continuous improvement and
productivity training for all levels of the organization. We
have customized our Lean Six Sigma training, from White
Belt to Black Belt, for both private and public sectors. We
have compiled and condensed decades of learning from
high-performance organizations into our Performance
Excellence course. And if you are looking to just “get things
done”, our Personal Productivity and Effectiveness course
is a favourite of our clients.

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Process Improvement Projects

With years of experience, our staff has process
improvement capabilities and expertise to take your
business to the next level. We execute your process
improvement projects, so you can continue with
day-to-day operations.

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Operational Review

The first four steps of most of our engagements go
through a process we call “LEAP” (Listen, Examine,
Analyze, and Plan). We call it “LEAP” because it can be a
big step to bring in an external party to review your
organization and we ensure the experience is valuable
and seamless.

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Project, Leadership and Performance Coaching

Performance is more than attitude, skill and knowledge; it is about understanding how people see the alternatives available to them, how they are supported, and how leaders recognize and nurture strengths and draw on natural talent to get the most from their team members. Our practice is to help people grow and develop through coaching. We coach based on desired goals and seeking to understand the objectives of those being coached. We will establish accountability, give advice, and assist when needed. Our coaching is flexible and just-in-time, when you need it most.

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Workshops and Facilitation

Our customized workshops have a proven record of
driving results in all types of organizations. From value
stream mapping to action planning; strategic planning to
rapid improvements, our range of existing or custom
designed workshops will solve your biggest challenges
and capitalize on your largest opportunities.

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Covid19 Packages

If you are a small business and received the $1500 Voucher to help hire a private consultant for advice and support, Barrington OPS has a special offering for you! Each of the four options is about 12 hours consultative and work effort over the course of the engagement. 

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