1. Listen

We will introduce ourselves, learn more about your organization and engagement expectations, ensure that we spend our time on the most important aspects of the business, and that insights are collected from management and front-line employees.

2. Examine

Upon gaining insight and information from key stakeholders, we act upon your key priorities to examine the operations in real-time. The objective is to identify the scope of opportunities and categorize using the Barrington OPS methodology.

3. Assess

We will execute a full 360-degree analysis of the organization rooted by our Barrington OPS methodology. Our multi-disciplinary team, led by our Master Black Belt, will conduct interviews, review documentation, measure processes, analyze performance compared to targets and industry standards, and evaluate the quality and specificity of targets and how they elicit employee performance.

4. Plan

We will create a future state for the organization and a roadmap to get there. This step is done collaboratively through workshops, designed in a way that all your varied stakeholder groups can participate.

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