How can a value stream map help my organization today?

Publish Date: May 6th, 2020

Written by Robert Newcombe

Blog Category: Lean Six Sigma, Webinars

How can a value stream map help my organization today?

If you are not familiar with value stream maps or value stream mapping workshops, you are likely not aware of the power of a value stream map to drive strategic and tactical decisions.

There’s a 99.9% chance that COVID-19 has disrupted your processes in some way. Demand has likely decreased (or increased). Processes that were once face-to-face have moved online. New activities have started and others have disappeared. A value stream map can quantify these changes and show where the new bottlenecks are, where there is capacity, and where there are wastes.

Our newest webinar is all about value stream mapping, measuring your NEW current state and creating your NEW future state (because chances are the future state you envisioned six months ago has changed).

SLIDE DECK:  Value Stream Mapping Webinar May 6 2020 (Shared Copy)

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