Email Management 101: Hacks to get to inbox 0 and become more productive

Publish Date: March 26th, 2020

Written by Gary Cox

Blog Category: Personal Productivity, Webinars

5-D’s of Email Management

Delete it: Most emails will never need to be referenced again, so why let it get in the way of other emails you want to find?

Designate it: Assign the email to a category so it can easily be searched for in the future.

Delegate it: Your time is important, and you likely have a strong team to work with. See if the task is better suited for someone else.

Do it: If the task is going to be two minutes or less, just do it. If you’ve already opened and read the email, you might as well follow through.

Defer it:

Longer than 2 minutes: Task list.

Longer than 15 minutes: Calendar


Searching tips:

Search Folders: To search by categories, unread email, email flagged for follow-up, etc.

Search Bar: Use search syntax to narrow your search such as “subject:”, “from:”, “to:”, “date:”, “AND”, and “OR”.

Rule Ideas:

Display a desktop alert if the email is from someone important (boss, spouse, etc.) – otherwise hide.

Set automatic replies to send to certain individuals.

Print email if it has a certain word/phrase in the subject line (e.g., “new order”)

Inbox “0” shortcuts:

Clean up – Folders: To delete all redundant emails

Create a Rule: Move all read emails out of inbox

CTRL+A: To select all emails in your inbox and move/archive/delete/etc

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