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Survey results from more than 50,000 employees, from 59 organizations, 30 countries, and 14 industries confirm that “fair and accurate feedback” is the single most impactful thing an employee needs to increase their personal performance and engagement. Yet, giving fair and accurate feedback isn’t a skill that most people exercise naturally. Barrington has the skills and experience to coach and mentor employees at all levels of organizations to improve performance.

Proven Coaching Methods

Our coaching and mentoring is based on proven coaching models and learnings from some of the world’s foremost experts in personal performance:

Stephen R. Covey
(Principle-Centered Leadership);

Liz Wiseman

Ferdinand F. Fournies
(Coaching for Improved Work Performance);

Marcus Buckingham
(Go Put Your Strengths to Work; Truth about You).

Personalized Approach

Performance is more than attitude, skill and knowledge; it’s about understanding how people see the alternatives available to them, how they are supported, and how leaders recognize and nurture strengths and draw on natural talent to get the most from their team members. Our practice is to help people grow and develop through coaching. We coach based on desired goals and seeking to understand the objectives of those being coached.

Proven Coaching Methods

Utilizing Barrington Consulting as coaches and mentors has many advantages such as:

– We have a full team of coaches and mentors with varying experiences to fit the mentee and industry;
– We have an extended network of experienced coaches we can leverage;
– Our Master Black Belt has over 25 years’ experience coaching and mentoring across the country;
– Coaching is built into our training – we practice what we preach;
– We can provide one-on-one coaching for Lean Six Sigma practitioners conducting projects and one-on-one mentoring for leadership and management that have strategic roles;
– We put in place accountability measures, so the mentee continues to make progress;
– We ensure confidentiality for anyone that is being coached; and,
– We can develop coaches within the organization to decrease their reliance on external parties.

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