Calendar Management 101 Optimize your calendar to be more productive

Publish Date: April 3rd, 2020

Written by Robert Newcombe

Blog Category: Personal Productivity, Webinars

Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done? With Calendar Management 101, we show you the four rules to best maximize your time and align your daily activities to your annual goals. Concepts covered include time-blocking, booking appointments with yourself, colour-coding and categories, how to approach too many meetings, and much more!

Robert Newcombe shares 4 keys to effective calendar management.

  • Annually: Set SMART goals to accomplish for the year, personal and professional. Break down the goals and create a plan with milestones.
  • Monthly: Measure your progress on annual goals. Schedule important, non-urgent activities.
  • Weekly: What needs to be done, when is it due, and how long will it take? Put it in the calendar.
  • Daily: Use your calendar and task list as a guide (not your email inbox).

Rule 1: Give Every Minute a Job

Align to Goals: Balance family, friends, health, work, and fun and purposefully dedicate you time to what’s important to you (and categorize it).
Block Time: Batch activities such as email and tasks so they are not pulling at you through the day. Schedule appointments with yourself to get work done and long blocks of time for deep work. From Purpose to Actions

Rule 2: Embrace Your Important, Non-Urgent Activities.

Plan Monthly: Put the important, nonurgent activities in your  calendar (otherwise they will get pushed to side):
• Strategic planning
• Building new relationships
• Fostering old relationships
• Recognizing new opportunities
• Professional development
• Volunteering/giving back
• Organizing your emails, files, apps, etc.

Rule 3: Roll with the Punches.

Firefighting and New Tasks: Sh*t happens, and that’s okay, you need to adjust. Alter your Activities: Add, remove, lengthen, shorten, and switch around activities to reflect priorities. Decline, delegate, or move meetings if possible.

Rule 4: Reflect & Adjust

There is no perfect calendar: Everyone has their own values, goals, and priorities. You need to start somewhere and adjust as you go. The process is never-ending. Every month should be more valuable and less stressful than the previous.

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